We offer 2 types of window screen, both types come in small or large depending on the window size. See shop for prices.

The ‘Cataire original’ is our framed screen. This screen is suitable for large cats, playful kittens that may climb or cheeky cats who may wish to investigate this new addition to their playground. Surrounded by a lightweight aluminium frame to reinforce the effectiveness off the screen ensures it will withstand most challenges your cats present. (Images can be found on the reviews & pictures page)

NOTE: This screen comes as a kit for home assembly.

The second screen is the ‘Cataire lite’ screen, this has no frame. This screen is perfect for the adult, slightly more sedate cat or those without the urge to constantly test the boundaries. This screen doesn’t require the aluminium frame therefore is much quicker to install and easier to store away when not in use. This screen fixes to the window frame around all edges. (Images coming soon) No home assembly needed.

Both types of screen fix to the window frame with strong self adhesive hook and loop fastener, this means the screens are quick and easy to put up and remove.

It is important to note that we recommend the use of Cataire screens only when you are present in the room. Cataire screens are designed to withstand some investigation from your pets however heavy, persistent cats or inquisitive kittens are more likely to be able to pull the screens down. Please see our terms and conditions for further information. PLEASE NOTE: During the busy summer months please allow 14 days for delivery.


Suitable for large cats, kittens, cats who climb

Aluminium frame

Grey Fibreglass mesh 

Secures to window frame with strong hook and loop fastener

Ready to use in 30 minutes (Assembly easier with 2 people)



Suitable for more sedate cats

No frame

Grey Fibreglass mesh

Secures to window frame with strong hook and loop fastener

Ready to use in 5 minutes